The information that appears on this website has been produced for students at Tonbridge Grammar School.

The source of much of the information, including the text and diagrams contained in the pages on Topics 1 - 7, Option E and the Glossary is taken from the IB Design Technology syllabus.

Topic 1: Design process

The design cycle model and the design process
Generating ideas
Communicating ideas

Student notes for Topic 1

Topic 2: Product innovation

2.1Designers and the product cycle
2.2 Invention and innovation
2.3 People and markets

Student notes for Topic 2

Topic 3: Green design

3.1 Principles of green design
3.2 Life cycle analysis
3.3 Strategies for green design

Student notes for Topic 3

Topic 4: Materials

4.1 Introducing and classifying materials
4.2 Properties of materials
4.3 Timber
4.4 Metals
4.5 Plastics
4.6 Ceramics
4.7 Composites

Student notes for Topic 4

Paper 1 multiple choice questions for Topic 4

Topic 5: Product development

5.1 Manufacturing techniques
5.2 Craft production
5.3 Mechanization
5.4 Automation
5.5 Economic considerations
5.6 Clean manufacturing

Student notes for Topic 5

Topic 6: Product design

6.2 The designer and society

Student notes for Topic 6

Topic 7: Evaluation

7.1 Evaluation and designing
7.2 Evaluation and manufacturing
7.3 Evaluation and the consumer

Student notes for Topic 7

Option E: Human factors design

E1 Human factors design
E2 Human factors data
E3 Research and testing
E4 Modelling
E5 Health and safety legislation
E6 Design for usability
E7 Contexts

Student notes for Option E

The Design Project

Internal Assessment Criteria

Manipulative Skills