The Design Project


The design project, which unifies all aspects of the design technology course, is based on the design cycle and is a compulsory element of the practical course of work and assessment.

The syllabus for HL has more breadth than that for SL, with 41 hours allocated to the design project as distinct from 28 hours at SL. It is expected, therefore, that HL students should develop a greater knowledge and skill base than SL students, and should demonstrate this through the design project.

Project Summary Report

Each student must submit a project summary report, which identifies the key stages of the project development. The report may contain information in the form of text, diagrams, photographs, and so on, and should explain the process followed and the decisions taken.


The design project must be assessed against the design technology criteria: (click on each one to see the assessment requirement)

Listed below is a suggestion as to how the Design Project should be structured, together with the criteria and particular aspect that it will be judged against:


Some of these sections (such as Design Brief) may only take up only part of a page. Others (such as Ideas) may run to several pages.

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